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What is Upgrade


Our IT Project Management process is both iterative and interactive that allows us to work with clients hand in hand and step by step from conceptualization to content development and funtionality issues to ensure that everyone agrees on the goals of the project, and how best to materialize them through utilization of latest technologies.

Our Project Management Framework is the key to providing a well-defined set of deliverables, ensuring timely project completion, and ultimately, delivering a solution that allows our customers to monitor the whole development process and note any unforeseen problems even from their own end.

Systems are inherently complex as a result of ongoing changes in business rules, processes and workflow. As a result, many projects have exceeded their budget and are not delivered on time.That's why at Upgrade Solutions, we work closely with our customers to minimize such occurrences. This can be achieved through adequate process control and documentation throughout the development life cycle.

Click here To see our Project Management Framework which will give an insight on our development life cycle.

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